Is your B2B content audience ‘active’ or ‘in-demand’? Here’s the difference

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Public Relations

New research from NetLine Corporation reveals an important disparity between B2B content consumption trends of the “active audience” and the “in-demand audience.”

The active audience is comprised of users who are actively seeking content, but did not meet the discernible needs of marketers trying to reach distinct audience/buyer segments. When compared to in-demand audience activity, marketers can learn more about content resonance with audiences by job level, company size or by industry.

Much like last year’s data, it’s evident that marketers continue to target C-level and managers—these two job levels comprise the top in-demand audience by job level. However, this year’s report delves into the profiles of the other job levels who are dominating the active audience data.

Is your B2B content audience ‘active’ or ‘in-demand’? Here’s the difference

Analysis of 2017 data shows that those professionals who identify as Individual Contributors have the most voracious appetite for content. Comprising nearly 30 percent of the active audience, these professionals have the ability to influence decision makers. The report goes on to dissect this and other job level profiles and delivers actionable takeaways to optimize campaigns.

Is your B2B content audience ‘active’ or ‘in-demand’? Here’s the difference

The 2018 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report takes a slightly new form as an evolution of the 2017 report. For those marketers who are both busy and burnt out on reports of little substance, this year’s report speaks to a no-nonsense, but data-minded marketer looking to extract value with ease. formatting, the user experience for this year’s look-back is powerful, concise and actionable.

Is your B2B content audience ‘active’ or ‘in-demand’? Here’s the difference

CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation, Robert Alvin, shares the value of blending a data-based and qualitative approach to a content syndication strategy, “This year’s report takes the exclusivity of our unique and robust data sets and delivers components of marketing pillars that can be tailored to an organization’s objectives. Unveiling consumption behavior for hundreds of thousands of professionals empowers B2B marketers to propel their brand’s voice, ultimately delivering the ROI and quality leads that help organizations succeed.”

Download the full report here.

NetLine’s annual report, 2018 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand for Marketers, consolidates 12 months of first-party content consumption and demand data, delivering valuable takeaways that arm B2B marketers with a more scientific approach to campaign development and strategy.

Is your B2B content audience ‘active’ or ‘in-demand’? Here’s the difference

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