Native ads paired with branded content generate highest brand lift

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Marketing, Public Relations

Brand marketing metrics throughout the customer journey significantly improve with native campaigns that leverage a True Native ad experience, according to new research from native ad tech platform Nativo and brand measurement firm comScore.

The firms recently announced the results of a new study, Efficacy of True Native on Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors, which measures the impact of 25 automotive, tech and CPG native campaigns on brand health metrics from awareness to purchase intent, from April-October 2016.

True Native includes a native ad unit that clicks-in to branded content on the publisher’s site. True Native mimics custom sponsored content packages long offered by publishers but scales across hundreds of relevant premium publishers.

Consumers exposed to True Native ad experiences scored high across aided and unaided brand awareness, ad recall, recommendation intent, and purchase consideration when compared to a comparable control group.

Native ads paired with branded content generate highest brand lift

Key findings of the study include:

True Native created significant lift compared to unexposed control groups at every phase of the consumer journey:

  • 11-point lift in unaided awareness
  • 18-point lift in online ad recall
  • 13-point lift in purchase intent

“This study shows that consumer engagement with native advertising within a trusted publisher’s environment breeds higher impact,” said Anne Hunter, senior vice president of advertising at comScore, in a news release. “At the top of the funnel, exposure to the native ad and subsequent exposure to the native article significantly increased unaided and aided awareness of the brands, while purchase intent at the bottom of the funnel saw a major lift over our benchmarks.”

The results conclusively reveal True Native’s power to positively influence consumers at each phase of the decision-making process. True Native outperformed comScore’s benchmarks and created significant lift across five brand health metrics. The native ad exposure had more than double the lift in purchase intent than a traditional digital ad. For consumers who then saw the native article, there was an incremental eight point lift culminating in a 13pt lift in purchase intent.

“comScore results prove something very important for advertiser and for consumers,” said Justin Choi, founder and CEO of Nativo. “True Native respects consumers’ expectations by delivering contextually relevant and genuinely useful information that is additive and does not interrupt their online experience. Now they have real-life proof that respecting the user experience has a huge positive impact on brand lift—the consumer reciprocates the respect.”

Download the whitepaper here.

The U.S.- based research spanned 110 million viewable ad impressions, 650 thousand page views, 226 survey responses, and conducted a 90% confidence level measuring lift over control group.

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