New pair of workplace studies explores the power of teamwork

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Public Relations

The alienating impact of the pandemic on worklife saw lots of people get used to working in their own silos without much interaction or collaboration. As the workforce returns to the office, many have had a hard time readjusting to the hustle bustle of office life, and a new generation of employees is awkwardly experiencing it for the first time. But one hallmark of the in-office dynamic is also returning—the power of teamwork.

An essential part of any organization, teams have many advantages over individual work

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their challenges. To help understand the relationships among team performance, personality type and satisfaction, personality typology firm The Myers-Briggs Company released a pair of new studies—one of the key findings of which is that of all the challenges team members face, poor leadership was rated as the worst thing about being on a team.

The first of the studies, Type, Teams, and Team Performance, considers Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types and their impact on teams. It examines the elements associated with team effectiveness, encompassing individual perspectives and actions, the overall performance of the team, and the manner in which individuals’ MBTI personality type preferences influence their perceptions of team collaboration.

“The survey shows that feeling valued is one of the best things people report about being on a team,” said John Hackston, head of thought leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company and responsible for the study, in a news release. “However, overall participants also reported that poor leadership was the worst thing about being on a team. This study sheds light on where teams and managers should focus their efforts to improve teamwork.”

Download the full report here.

New pair of workplace studies explores the power of teamwork

The second report, Type, Teams and Job Satisfaction, focuses on job satisfaction and intention to leave, examining how being involved in a team environment impacts job satisfaction, and how the nature of that impact can vary depending on personality type preferences. 

But how do these differences come into play when working within a team? Topics analyzed in this report include:

  • The most and least satisfied individual MBTI types
  • The most and least satisfied team types
  • The relationship between type and satisfaction, intention to leave, and remote/hybrid working

Download the full report here.

New pair of workplace studies explores the power of teamwork

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