PR 101: How great PR campaigns generate business growth

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

In today’s world, factors like globalization and technological advancements have made many business sectors increasingly competitive. As a result of this reality, many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs are searching for business-building strategies that can help them edge out the competition and optimize conversion.

If this is one of your company objectives for the year, note that developing a strong PR campaign can help you realize the goal. Here are just a few of the big benefits that can result from having a great PR campaign in place at all times:

1. Optimized Brand Awareness

As noted in Entrepreneur, one of the big benefits of PR is that it can draw attention to your brand. Because brand awareness is generally the precursor to conversion and customer loyalty, it’s always a good idea to implement business-building strategies that will draw attention to your product or service line. Note that PR strategies can be more effective in drawing attention to your brand than other business-building techniques like advertising. For example, one public relations strategy a team of PR experts might use to make people aware of your brand is having an article about your product or service line published in Entrepreneur or USA Today. Note that appearing in this type of reputable publication builds brand awareness in a way that banner ads cannot. Specifically, the publication builds credibility while banner ads merely generate visibility.

2. Enhanced Website

Another big benefit of having a good PR campaign is the ability to maintain an incredible website. As noted in Forbes, PR strategies drive traffic to your site. Because getting people to your website puts the brand recognition process in full effect, it’s imperative that you devise and implement techniques that will drive people to the product pages where your consumer good appears. PR professionals typically have hundreds and hundreds of customized, cutting edge strategies that can be used for this very purpose. Anything from sharing links to your product pages via Twitter to continually writing dynamic content that generates online buzz can take your site traffic levels from average to incredible. The end result can be that your website becomes a money-making machine which optimizes your company’s revenue-generating potential.

3. Improved Relationship-Building Process

In addition to enhancing your website, attaining great PR services can improve your ability to build a substantive, authentic relationship with members of your target market. This process is immensely important because the relationship-building process typically precedes conversion. It also increases the likelihood of your new customers becoming life-long, loyal buyers. Another big benefit of building strong relationships with your customers is that doing so can motivate them to share your brand with their friends, family members, co-workers, etc. This word-of-mouth advertising can enhance your company’s profitability and social authority, so make sure that relationship-building isn’t put on the backburner when you begin putting your PR process together.

As noted in Huffington Post, social media campaigns are a tactical strategy that PR professionals can use to build your brand. An optimized presence on social media channels facilitates the relationship-building process because it improves your ability to communicate with your target audience in an immediate, organic, ongoing manner. Some of the key social channels that you can start the relationship-building process through include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


Once a business owner realizes that company growth is a primary objective for the year, it’s time to recognize the role that public relations can play in helping you make it happen. PR campaigns are business-building entities for many reasons, some of which include their ability to draw attention to your brand, enhance your website, and improve your relationship-building process. In recognizing these realities, it’s a good idea to hire a PR company that can help your organization start attaining outstanding results soon!

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.


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