The best tools out there for today’s data scientists

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According to Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2018, data scientist tops the list. In fact, this sexiest job of the 21st century allows you to earn at least $95,000—and this amount could go higher depending on your years of experience.

Still, being a data scientist is not an easy job. You are required to be inquisitive, knowledgeable of statistical programming languages, and be able to build predictive models based on data gathered. Apparently, not all data scientists are well-versed in programming, which is why there are tools you can use to help you do your job better.


You need access to data anytime, anywhere—and Algorithms.io could help you with that. This tool streams data from connected devices, thereby turning raw data into actionable events and real-time insights.

The best thing about Algorithms.io is that it simplifies the process between companies and developers in making machine learning more accessible. Consequently, it has a cloud platform connecting various devices, which makes it easier for people to access the deployed machine data.

Algorithms.io is not free, so you could contact LumenData Company directly for a quote.


The truth is machine learning can be challenging. Thankfully, there is a tool that will make everything easier and it’s called BigML.

BigML allows data scientists to build machine learning-based solutions through six steps:

  • Sources
  • Datasets
  • Predictive Models
  • Predictions
  • Ensembles
  • Evaluation

This will make it easier to solve and automate classifications, cluster analysis, regression, anomaly detection, and distill predictive patterns from data. Visualizations are included to make a presentation more enticing.

You can get this for free although the dataset upload is limited to 16MB.  Maximizing this tool by contacting BigML developers directly and request for a quote.

The best tools out there for today’s data scientists


Visuals are everything. How data is presented matters a lot because it makes it easier for people to understand the data in front of them – and Bokeh does that.

Bokeh offers not just concise but also an elegant construction of graphics. This tool also makes it easier for you to create interactive dashboards, plots, and data applications. The best part is that you can get Bokeh for free.


Building predictive models are one of the key responsibilities of data scientists. After all, this is crucial since decision-making relies on this as well. Apparently, building one takes time.

Well, not anymore with the help of DataRobot. This advanced automation platform allows data scientists to build predictive models better and faster.

It helps you to test and compare varying models and automatically identifies top pre-processing and feature engineering of each model you chose through variable type detection, text mining, and distributed algorithm scaling among others.

DataRobot comes with easy deployment facilities as well.


Are you a budding data scientist? Then Excel will surely be your secret weapon. Most data scientists are familiar with this tool because it is easy to use and the most common functions can be done with ease such as dropdown in Excel, advanced filtering, and pivot tables. Plus, all computers have Excel installed, thereby making it easily accessible to everyone.

Don’t worry. You can find tons of information about Excel training so you can improve your skills.

The best tools out there for today’s data scientists


Making predictions will always be part of every data scientist’s job. Predictive models are crucial because it helps in the process of forecasting, decision-making, and optimizing future objects. One of the tools that you could use is ForecastThis.

This tool can create simple API and spreadsheet plugins, algorithms, and scales among many others. ForecastThis doesn’t come for free, though.

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a cloud-based management service and data visualization web application tool that helps you gather, visualize, and share data tables. Although an experimental app, Fusion Tables allows you to use tons of tables and maps for easier visualization of data.

Don’t worry about the price. This tool is free.


Did you know that Java is among the most important tools in Data Science? This is because Java allows data scientists to create frameworks and products based on machine learning and data analysis. This tool is also convenient to use, easier to understand, comes with a well-developed suite of tools, has a rich user interface, and makes it convenient to develop and deploy applications.

A free trial is available for Java, but you can contact the developer to request a quote.

The best tools out there for today’s data scientists

Logical Glue

Do you want to boost your organization’s profit and productivity? Then Logical Glue could be the solution.

This award-winning white-box machine learning and AI platform help bring visual narratives and audience insights come into life. This will help you make more accurate predictive models because you know exactly what data is predictive. You can easily deploy and integrate the models you made so there is nothing to worry.


One of the most popular open source databases among data scientists is MySQL. It allows access data from the database through an open source relational database management system. You can also store and access data while providing data storage needs for production systems.

The best part is this is free.

Being a Data Scientist is not an easy job. Thankfully, there are tools that are helpful in making your job easier. Among those mentioned, which is your favorite?

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