Unlocking Gen Z’s secrets: New research seeks to unravel the mystique of this digitally adept, bleakly hopeful, but powerful spending group

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Public Relations

It’s long been misunderstood what drives the decisions of Generation Z, the most elusive group of consumers that baffled marketers have seen yet. But now that they hold the position as the second-largest generation and have become a formidable force shaping current and future market trends—not to mention wielding a substantial $360 billion in buying power—it’s high time we got a handle on our strategy. 

Easier said than done—along with this spending power and influence comes an enigmatic relationship with brands and a redefined path to engagement, the code for which marketers and communicators have yet to crack. Researchers have made plodding progress in understanding this cohort, but a revealing new study from full-service ad agency Hoffman York taps into new perspectives that may bring us significantly closer.

Gen Z marketing

The newly released study, Gen Z Unraveled: A Marketer’s Guide to Understanding the Misunderstood Generation, offers an in-depth exploration of these informed and inspired digital natives. Based on a comprehensive survey of more than 1,300 Gen Zers, the researchers have unearthed some essential insights that could enable marketers to connect with and effectively engage these dynamic consumers.

“Our research into Gen Z not only highlights the complexity and diversity of this generation, but also underscores their growing buying power and influence,” said Matt Hogan, director of insights at Hoffman York, in a news release. “For marketers, these insights provide a pivotal guide to understanding a generation that is instrumental in shaping both current and future market trends.”

Navigating the complexity of Gen Z: Evolving needs and values

Gen Z’s journey from adolescence to adulthood encompasses a wide array of life stages, presenting unprecedented challenges for marketers. As the first generation to have grown up with the Internet, smartphones, and social media, their digital fluency and desire for authenticity emphasize the need for flexible and innovative marketing strategies.

Gen Z marketing

Realism and aspiration: Crafting authentic marketing messages

Facing uncertainty about their future, Gen Z reveals a blend of pessimism and optimism. With only 31 percent describing themselves as happy and a mere 32 percent optimistic about their future, they are pragmatic by nature. However, 35 percent of this group also sees themselves as entrepreneurial and 43 percent as intelligent, calling for marketing that acknowledges real-world challenges while inspiring hope.

“To truly engage Gen Z, our marketing must mirror their reality and aspirations. It’s crucial to craft messages that not only resonate with their current state but also empower their future ambitions,” said Hogan.

Gen Z marketing

The power of personalization and sustainability in shopping

Gen Z’s preference for personalized experiences and sustainable products marks a shift towards conscious consumerism. Their strong preference for brands that offer personal recommendations (26 percent) and products that prioritize environmental sustainability (75 percent), underscores the importance of aligning marketing strategies with personal values and environmental responsibility.

Navigating the social media landscape with Gen Z

Social media’s role in Gen Z’s daily life is significant, with specific nuances in their engagement with content and brands. The high usage rates on platforms like YouTube (88 percent), Instagram (81 percent), TikTok (80 percent), and Snapchat (78 percent), coupled with 42 percent using social media as their main news source, highlight the impact of digital platforms on their worldview. Marketers must focus on genuine connections and positive messaging to resonate with this audience.

“In the digital age, authenticity wins,” Hogan emphasized. “Our approach to Gen Z on social media should be rooted in realness and relevance to truly engage them.”

Gen Z marketing

Engaging Gen Z through diverse content and influencer marketing

Gen Z’s diverse content consumption habits and responsiveness to influencer marketing present new opportunities for brands. This generation’s heavy use of streaming services, with more than eight platforms used on average, and their clear preference for certain types of programming, such as food competitions (37 percent) and reality dating shows (25 percent), indicate traditional marketing strategies may need adjustment to cater to their preferences.

Download the full report here.

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