Amazing Race Canada, Season 3 Ep. 9: Delhi—Catfish, spices, tuk tuks, and wrestling…see you in Penticton

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***Spoiler Alert***

Well, the wrestlers Nick Foti & Matt Giunta finally pulled off a win, and it just happened to be a leg of the race where one of the roadblocks was wrestling. Not only did they win the leg of the race, but they also found themselves as the most tweeted contestants during the airing of Episode 9.

Nick & Matt have consistently been one of the most popular teams throughout Season 3, but they haven’t been the most popular contestants on Twitter since Episode 3 in Buenos Aires.

Episode 9 saw contestants travel from Kolkata (aka Calcutta), India—last episode’s end location—to Delhi, the capital and heart of India.

As someone who has been to Delhi, I can attest to having to deal with the sensory overload: the traffic, the number of people, the historical significance, the sounds, and the thick air. I imagine the contestants may have been overwhelmed by Delhi—especially as they had to complete roadblocks.

For these, contestants performed such tasks as grinding chilies, transporting live catfish on their heads, wrapping turbans, and performing wrestling moves.

Viewers on Twitter seem to love the roadblocks; the show saw a 4.3 per cent increase in Twitter activity compared to last week’s episode.

Brent & Sean Sweeney are always entertaining—and were especially so while transporting live catfish on their heads. The video segment was the second-most tweeted link.

The third-most tweeted link, however, happened to be poor Sean throwing up while riding in a tuk tuk. Ever since Episode 7 in Saskatoon, this has become a running theme with Sean on this year’s Amazing Race Canada.

However, the most tweeted link happened to be the ‘happy dance’ posted on Vine from contestants Simi & Ope Fagbongbe after the turban-wrapping roadblock.

For many viewers, watching the Amazing Race Canada provides a glimpse into destinations both in Canada and abroad that they might be interested in visiting. Many viewers start social media conversations that could end up influencing other people also engaged on social media, and these conversations are of great interest to the tourism industry and the show’s sponsors.

As the contestants head back to Canada, the social media conversation has already started up surrounding the next destination: Penticton and the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

And like Sudbury’s episode, many viewers are also proud to show off their hometown.


Top social media activity by cities

Toronto Ontario Canada (GTA) 35.8%
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 10.2%
Ottawa Ontario Canada 6.4%
Okanagan Valley (Oliver, Osoyoos,
Kelowna, Penticton, Keremeos),
British Columbia, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 5.3%
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 4.8%
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 3.7%
London Ontario Canada 3.2%
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1.6%
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1.6%
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 1.6%
Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1.6%
Other 17.6%


Contestants’ Share of Voice

1. Nick Foti & Matt Giunta 44.9% (winners)
2. Brent & Sean Sweeney 27.7% (last, but not eliminated)
3. Jesse & Gino Montani 11.0%
4. Simi & Ope Fagbongbe 9.2%
5. Dujean Williams & Leilani Ross 7.2%

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