BNN’s The Disruptors: From Beats to Health to Frost Free Windshields & Shopify’s IPO

by | May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized

This week’s The Disruptors kicked off with online shopping solution Shopify’s IPO and a quick interview with Chief Platform Officer Harley Finkelstein. However, the majority of the show focused on startups looking to disrupt the marketplace.

The show looked at Montreal-based Stingray Digital, a provider of multiplatform music products and services; Subpac, another company in the music space looking to disrupt how music is delivered; Neverfrost, a solution to change the way people deal with auto windshield issues; and finally League, a health care and wellness solution, which included a ono-on-one interview with League and Kobo founder Michael Serbinis and co-host Bruce Croxon.

Maybe because of the brutal winter we all just endured, it shouldn’t be a surprise most of the tweets were about Neverfrost. However, the league was a close second. Having a well-known founder, such as Michael Serbinis will always help when it comes to exposure and that should bode well for League.


You catch the show Thursday nights at 8:30 PM ET on BNN or watch the recap on the BNN website.

Brett Serjeantson