4 online PR techniques your business should be using

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Public Relations

The best brands usually have a story or two to tell, but shouting them from the virtual rooftops can be a fruitless exercise if no one is around to hear, or listen, for that matter.

This is where online PR comes bursting into life. When done right, it can be a cost-effective, timely, and tactful marketing tool to help boost your brand’s presence in the eyes of the ones who matter most, the customers.

If you felt like you could be doing more to bring your brand the recognition it truly deserves, here are some of the best techniques your business should be using as of this very moment.

The power of the testimonial

Being the very first person to take to the dancefloor can be a stress-inducing affair, and not too much, unlike purchasing a new product for the first time without any insight into its quality.

The power of the testimonial should not be ignored in this capacity, as it essentially serves to reassure your potential customers that others did, in fact, love what your brand has to sell.

Publishing easily accessible testimonials on your company site and your social media page can help anyone looking for a reliable product or service but need a little extra convincing from those who went before them. Plus, the best write-ups can make your brand sound incredibly enticing, so remembering to ask your previous customers for feedback is essential.

Follow up marketing

Developing a great customer experience is crucial to a brand’s perception, and it is worth noting, the journey rarely stops at the point of sale.

Follow-up email or text marketing can be an exceptionally useful PR technique, as it can hopefully allow you to convince customers to return to your brand, remind the public of your presence, and capitalize on potential leads.

You may want to think about integrating a free online tool into your website in order to get hold of your potential customer’s details.

For example, https://www.businesswaterquotes.co.uk/ is a great, free online tool that customers can use to compare water prices while at the same time supplying their details for follow up marketing.

Working with influencers

Social media personalities and influencers have long been taking the stage as a force to be reckoned with, and working alongside them can be a great way to boost your brand in relatively little time.

There are a few valuable points worth thinking about when reaching out to influencers, so in order to make sure you find the right one, it is worth asking yourself:

  • Do they reflect my brand’s values?
  • Do their followers represent my target audience?
  • Do I want my brand to be associated with their content?
  • How popular are they and how wide is their reach?

Finding an influencer to work with you can increase your sales figures, build trust between your brand and the public and potentially help you bridge into a previously untapped market.

Making videos

To give your customers an extra medium to engage with while shaking up your operations with the spice of variety, making videos is a must.

They can give your customers a visual representation of who they are dealing with, help them get to know you, and hopefully grow your brand’s popularity, especially if you utilize social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

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