5 ways PR can improve company culture

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

For a company to be successful today, it will need to have a strong and positive company culture. When you are looking for ways to improve the culture of your organization, one standout option would be to hire a PR firm.

A good public relations firm can help to improve the PR of your company culture in a number of different ways:

Improves transparency

One of the ways that a PR firm can improve company culture is by improving the overall transparency of a company. One of the most frustrating things that an employee can deal with is when they do not have an idea as to what the goals of the company are. When you hire a PR firm, they will be able to clearly articulate what the goals for an organization are. This will then be provided to both internal employees and all external stakeholders. This will then improve overall transparency and can make all employees happier and more content with the organization.

Helps with organizational design

Another way that a PR firm can help improve the culture of your company is that they can help to improve the overall organizational design. When you hire a PR firm, they will be able to create a top-to-bottom organization plan that can be better for the morale and culture for your company. This organizational strategy will likely focus on making sure that all people feel included and that there is not too much of a hierarchy in place, which will be more beneficial for the entire company in the long run.

5 ways PR can improve company culture

Test for employee engagement

While a PR firm is very good at helping to improve the reputation for a business, they can also provide services to test overall satisfaction and engagement from employees. When you hire a PR firm they will be able to test the employee net promoter score, which can be used to test the overall engagement and satisfaction of an employee. This can then help a company better understand how satisfied and happy employees are. They may also be able to use this process to get a better understanding of what employees would like to see changed in order to improve the company culture.

Improves reputation

Another way that the PR agency will be able to improve the culture for your organization is that it will improve the reputation for your company. When you hire a PR firm, they will provide you with many different services that work hard to make sure that your company reputation is as positive as possible. The PR firm will work to mitigate any negative news while also making sure that any positive news is properly marketed and made known to the general public. When you are able to do this successfully, it will become public knowledge and your staff will be more proud of whom they work for. This in turn will turn into a happier workforce that is more motivated and engaged, which will lead to an overall improved company culture.

Provides objective view of your business

Finally, a PR firm can be a great source of information as they can provide an objective view of your organization. A good PR firm will have dealt with dozens of companies in the past. Those that are looking to improve their company culture could use this experience to get insight into what other companies are doing. The PR firm can then explain current trends and practices that are used to help promote culture.

When you are looking to improve the culture of your company, there are many important things that you need to do. While using a PR firm is one great way to do it, you need to continue to look within your organization to figure out what is affecting the culture of your company and then try to find ways to fix any present issues. Ultimately, this can have the most positive impact on your company.

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.


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