8 ways artificial intelligence can boost your email marketing

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Marketing, Public Relations

AI-powered email can be described as a process of promoting goods and services with the help of personalized email campaigns, which includes methods like data collection, data analysis and additional observations of the audience or economic trends that may impact the marketing efforts, and then targeting the right audience for your product or services.

In today’s digital era, email marketing has become a necessity for every business to reach out to their target audience. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in email marketing as it makes the message more personalized, relevant and engaging. It grabs the attention of the customer and attracts them towards the product or service.

AI email marketing

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8 ways AI can improve email marketing:

1. Email personalization

AI has the ability to personalize messages with the help of collecting and analyzing the data of your customers in a way that is relevant and engaging to the individual. Not only texts are important to be personalized in emails—visuals matter even more. And with the help of today’s AI-infused logo maker applications, you can create visuals that speak to your customers directly. This way, emails won’t be ignored by customers and will attract people to open them to know the content inside, which will be just a click away. While the personalization capabilities of AI can significantly enhance user experience and marketing effectiveness, it’s also crucial to acknowledge the positive and negative effects of AI on cybersecurity. On one hand, AI can improve threat detection and response times, but on the other, it could potentially be exploited to craft sophisticated phishing emails that evade traditional security measures. Similarly, an ai headshot generator online can personalize your digital presence, yet users should be cautious of privacy concerns.

2. Segmentation

AI can segment emails accurately and efficiently. An AI algorithm can divide subscribers into categories based on their gender, geographic location, age, purchase history, browsing behavior and engagement patterns. This division can allow marketers to send highly targeted emails to specific audience segments, which results in higher conversion rates.

3. Automated campaigns

AI can automatically perform email marketing campaigns, which can save time and resources for your business. AI-powered tools such as AI chatbots can automatically schedule campaigns, create templates and subject lines and generate content based on preferences and historical data. Additionally, AI algorithms can automate email scheduling, ensuring the messages are sent at the right time. Thus, email automation reduces manual labour and allows marketers to focus on other strategies for the campaign.

4. Time optimization

Artificial intelligence can analyze the data of the recipient and their engagement patterns, then determine the best time to send emails to each subscriber and when they most frequently check their inboxes. Therefore, it will increase the likelihood of engagement. 

5. Understand customer lifecycle

AI can help in understanding the lifecycle of the customer or subscriber. Artificial intelligence can engage with customers who take an interest in the business and have the potential to invest in the product or service. It can be used to re-engage existing customers, help build a direct link with them throughout their lives, and ensure brand loyalty.

6. A/B testing

Through A/B testing, AI may also assist you in optimizing your email marketing campaigns. AI can identify the most effective version of your emails by experimenting with them with a tiny segment of your readers. As a result, your campaigns will be more effective since you can distribute the winning version to the remainder of your audience.

7. Restructure your email campaign

To optimize inbox delivery, you can divide email marketing campaigns into smaller campaigns by using AI-powered technologies. Email marketers need to focus more on email delivery because email privacy has grown to be a major concern. Additionally, utilizing recruitment applicant tracking system can assist in managing the workforce responsible for executing these campaigns effectively.

AI can be used, for instance, to schedule cart abandonment emails for a certain amount of time, at a specified frequency, or in response to a trigger.

8. Draft compelling subject lines

Compelling and interesting subject lines are attractive and attract the subscriber to indulge in the message and know what’s inside. Setting a context, tone and intent for your email, and this tool helps in generating subject lines that are engaging enough to drive higher open rates.


Artificial intelligence is already present in many aspects of your campaigns, even though it may seem like something from the future when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing is here to stay because it’s the cheapest and most straightforward way to grow traffic, and AI might be a big help. With AI’s many applications, ranging from spam filters and inbox organization to product suggestions and optimal send times, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to grow your company.

AI has made it easier than ever to send emails that are of higher quality. You can conduct better content marketing, increase engagement, and optimize your efforts for better outcomes by using AI in email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing can greatly benefit from AI, but there are certain possible downsides that should be considered and addressed carefully. Integrating AI with email marketing in a way that optimizes advantages while minimizing risks helps organizations use AI to produce effective email marketing campaigns by emphasizing privacy, human contact, and value-driven investment. To achieve email marketing excellence, investigate the possibilities of AI, but approach it cautiously.

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