A daily checklist for your business’s social platforms

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Analysis, Public Relations

On a daily basis, companies need to be focused on sharing, monitoring, and engaging on social media and public relations platforms. Although there are some optimizations and reviews that can happen on a daily basis, it’s best to focus on identifying patterns on a monthly basis instead of a daily basis on these platforms.


The first priority companies need to have when it comes to utilizing social media platforms for communication with the target audience is sharing content. By sharing content companies can reach the target audience, keep them engaged, and attract them to a business. According to research, most companies tend to share content between four and six times per week on the social media platforms they are using. Although that’s the average, some companies can post less or more depending on the platform and on the industry.

However, the precise amount of times that companies should be sharing content on a single platform depends on a variety of different factors, including which platform is being utilized and the return on investment for the business. Another thing the companies need to take into consideration is that sheer content doesn’t only mean that it has to be shared by the business itself. That means companies can also share user-generated content or even content from other businesses that are not competitors that can add more value for the target audience.


One of the easiest ways that companies can engage with the target audience is simply by responding to any of their comments or direct messages on social media. If a company is struggling to generate more comments from its followers in the first place, it should try starting a conversation and asking the followers to join in that conversation. The simplest way to do that is by asking them a question or asking them to tag any of their friends that would enjoy the content that the business is sharing.

Another way that companies can engage their followers on social media is by responding to the direct messages they receive from their accounts. Plenty of times, consumers reach out to businesses through social media platforms to ask specific questions about the content that’s been shared, get help, or learn more about the business. It’s important for companies to review and take all those questions into account on a daily basis to generate a positive impression with a target audience. If a company takes too long to respond to any questions or concerns, the followers might end up losing interest in the business or end up escalating the issue by complaining to the rest of the public.


Another essential daily task the companies need to do on social media platforms is to monitor how they’re being perceived in digital spaces and what is being said about the business in those places. That means companies need to keep track of any hashtags and any brand mentions on social media platforms. Fortunately, with these platforms that’s relatively easy to do because all that a business needs to do is set up alerts for specific keywords that are going to generate notifications whenever the company is mentioned on a platform.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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