Consumer brands in the metaverse—here’s how some have tapped in

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

It’s not news that there has been much chatter about the metaverse recently. This new digital space is a place where people get to build upon their real lives with AR and VR experiences. Plenty of companies have already started jumping in on the metaverse trend, with Facebook most notably rebranding to “Meta”. Other companies decided to join only after looking at the performance and success of other companies that did it first.

There are plenty of opportunities for consumer brands to join the new digital space and reach potential new customers in a creative way.

Brands in the metaverse

As the new digitally immersive space continues to evolve and develop, consumer brands have started looking for different ways to engage with target audiences. They’ve also been testing out different ways they can provide consumers with unique experiences in the metaverse. That’s why some metaverse brands have decided to join the space first to test out their strategies.

One of the first consumer brands that joined the metaverse was Wendy’s, who joined in on a gaming trend that was happening inside Fortnite. The game introduced an event where players could represent their favorite restaurant and engage in food fights. Wendy’s took notice of this trend and decided to join the game with a character that resembles the brand’s own mascot. Then, the character started destroying the freezers available inside games while live streaming it on Twitch.

The reason behind this decision was that the fast food restaurant chain noticed players had to get burgers from freezers inside the game. This is against the famous policy at Wendy’s where they never use frozen beef. Other consumer brands in the metaverse have decided to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs), sell digital products, create their own games, and more, to reach customers.

The Oreoverse

The latest metaverse transition came from Oreo. The brand decided to introduce a limited-edition cookie and create its own metaverse, titled Oreoverse. Consumers now get to enter this digital universe through their smartphones and play games. They also get to take part in contests after scanning a code on the packaging of the new cookie to win prizes. The brand also created a collaboration with Martha Stewart, who’s making her own debut in the metaverse.

As for the new cookie itself, it’s got the chocolate-flavored base, and more filling between them, this time, with bits of the wafer inside. This is a great strategy that allows the new brand in the metaverse, Oreo, to connect with its consumers in a playful way and reward their participation at the same time.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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