Data-driven marketing tech company Zeta Global and market research advisory firm The Relevancy Group have partnered for the fourth year in a row to present survey findings of consumer holiday shopping attitudes and behaviors—providing up-to-the-minute feedback on consumer shopping attitudes for holiday 2018.

“The key for marketers this season is to use all of the data they have to fully understand their consumers—this means engaging in real-time listening and engagement now to have a positive effect on buying decisions until the end of the holiday shopping period,” said Tim O’Leary, SVP of Onboarding Delivery at Zeta Global, in a news release. “This survey provides the insight brands need to continue to be one step ahead of their competition.”

“Obtaining consumer shopping behavior patterns and predictions are vital for retailers during what many call their annual ‘make or break’ period,” said David Daniels, CEO & founder of The Relevancy Group, in the release. “This year’s findings will provide retailers with much-needed information about consumer plans for how, when, where and why consumers might spend their holiday dollars with a particular brand this season.”

Email engagement remains high. Mobile devices dominate

  • 80 percent of consumers check email daily, many checking multiple times per day.

Mobile devices dominate online shopping, with respondents reporting they use the following for their primary shopping device:

  • 34 percent laptop computer
  • 24 percent desktop
  • 26 percent mobile phone
  • 15 percent tablet

Shoppers continue to embrace online shopping

  • Respondents 27-53 are most likely to do the majority or their shopping online
  • 37 percent of 39 to 45-year-olds state they will do 3/4 to all of their shopping online
  • 45 percent of 33 to 38-year-olds report doing 3/4 to all of their shopping online

Consumers voice brand frustrations and shopping preferences

When asked how likely they were to shop with a brand this holiday season that has identified them by name and also suggested a purchase based on a recent web search:

  • 26 percent reported highly/very likely
  • 17 percent likely
  • 22 percent somewhat likely

Consumer’s top five frustrations with brand messaging:

5. Suggestions for a product that I have already purchased
4. Messages/products that are not personalized to me or my interests
3. Too many reminders about expiring coupons
2. Offers on products that are not relevant to me
1. Discounts sent afterI made a purchase.

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