Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies

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The talent shortage is a huge problem for modern workplaces today—69 percent of the US employers are already struggling to fill job positions, and it’s projected that human talent shortage will reach 85 million people by 2030.

But this doesn’t mean that the world lacks smart and talented people. On the contrary, global degree holders’ numbers will grow up to 300 million by 2030.

The problem here is that companies are struggling to attract the right talent their way, which is surging talent shortage problem,

Luckily, this problem has a very simple solution—employers branding on social media. 

Yes, using social media, you can seamlessly acquire the right talented people to grow your business and grow your PR. Really?

This might sound weird right now, but once you read this post till the end, you will know what employer branding is and how social media drives it. So, let’s break down the autonomy of employers branding on social media.

What is employer branding?

An employer brand is intangible. However, many tangible practices and behaviors contribute to it.“—Edward E. Lawler

This quote practically sums up the entire employer branding concept. In layman’s words, it is a simple process of building and managing your employer’s reputation among job seekers, talented people, and other industry leaders.

There are many factors that contribute towards employer brandings like company culture, perks, and more. You can manipulate all these factors to create a strong employer brand that can help you attract the right talent.

Since an average person spends 145 minutes on social media daily, promoting your employer brand on social media can better enhance your company’s reputation among job seekers.

Thus, social media + employer branding is the new formula to acquire a dynamic human task force in the coming days.

Who should consider employer branding on social media?

To be honest, every business organization should establish its employer brand on social media today, irrespective of its size. That’s because:

So, if you want to hire competent and professional employees in your organization, start formulating your social media employer branding strategies now.

Employer branding on social media benefits

When social media strategies are aligned to boost employer branding, it helps to acquire new talent and assists in retaining talent, reducing hiring costs, and so much more. So if you haven’t built your employer brand on social media yet, do it right away to:

  • Reduce job advertisements hassle: If you have a significant following on social media, you don’t have to spend money on posting job opening ads online. Instead, the mere mention of a new job position on your social media page would be sufficient to receive various job applications.
  • Attract the right talent: A specific company’s career page will be only followed by the people who are familiar with the brand, and its functioning, so you don’t have to weed out too many incompetent job applications.
  • Faster hire: Your social media employment page followers are your raw talent pool. You simply have to share a job requirement post, and various talented people will automatically reach out to you in no time.
  • Lower staff turnover: Keeping your employees engaged on social media can lead to improved productivity and a low employee turnover rate.
  • Fewer salaries: Companies with a bad employer reputation have to offer 10 percent more salaries to attract new talent. At the same time, companies with a strong social presence can effortlessly lure highly talented people on lower salary packages.

Employer branding strategies on social networks with examples

There is no exact social media tactic to build your employer brand on social media. However, if you develop a comprehensive employer brand strategy suiting your business goals, you can smoothly build your social presence among job seekers.

Here are a few employer branding strategies that are used by the leading organizations worldwide:

1. Target realistic content marketing plan

Here the content marketing plan doesn’t include blog content. Surely, this is the most effective way to promote your brand and generate traffic, but it doesn’t help your employer brand much.

That’s because potential job seekers are interested in the content generated by past or present employees. So when you say that your company culture is great, it won’t capture hires attention. But, on the flip side, when existing employees say your company culture is superb, it will definitely spike potential employees’ attention.

Salesforce uses this employer branding strategy perfectly. For example, on Salesforce LinkedIn, a dedicated section is created where existing employees often share their work experience and positive company culture stories.

Salesforce’s employer branding strategy focuses on creating a workplace culture that values innovation, diversity, and professional growth, making it an attractive destination for top talent in the technology industry, that’s why 30 percent of Salesforce’s CRM users are from professional services.

Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies


2. Opt for social proof to your advantage

As per Morning Consult, 60 percent of American adults are interested in working for Amazon and Google. Do you know why?

Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies


Because these companies have a solid reputation in the market. Now, Amazon and Google are big brands, and for startups, it is hard to gain that much popularity overnight. But they can take small steps to build their social proof. This sends a message among job seekers that it is a progressive company, which helps to attract more talent.

3. Share videos and photos of the office environment

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a huge yoga studio or a cool meeting room in your office. You can still flaunt your humble space on your social media platforms to attract new recruits.

If you have a cozy coffee corner or an inspirational wall in the office, it is sufficient to lure fresh talent your way.

For example, look at this Google’s office Tokyo photo on Instagram.

Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies


This calm and luxurious office space view is a good way to show potential job applicants what type of workplace they can work in.

4. Promote your company culture

One great company culture stands on a positive environment where managers, colleagues, and leaders share a cordial relationship. Therefore, you should highlight trust, team spirit, support, and collaboration on your social media posts.

You could even go so far as to get employees involved in corporate tournaments like organising a competitive but fun card game on Solitaire Bliss. It will bring your employees together, help them work through disagreements, and also—not to forget—promote your company culture and encourage team building.

Microsoft Life Instagram page has smartly expressed the company culture. From good management policy to cultural diversity, different layers of Microsoft company culture are exhibited on social media.

Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies


5. Use testimonials

Not only customers, but a positive testimonial also motivates job seekers. In addition, testimonials are a great way to express your company’s culture, customer-centric employment policies, and much more.

Bain & Company has fully leveraged customers’ and employees’ testimonials to promote their positive business environment. On their Instagram page, you can find various testimonial-related posts.

Employer branding on social media: 6 surefire strategies


6. Company events and conferences

Generally speaking, not everything out of the ordinary is worth sharing about. But when it comes to big business events and conferences, people usually are very interested in these topics.

So the next time an employee attends an event, send them with the mission of collecting some content as well in order to show that working at your company doesn’t only involve sitting at one’s desk all day. You can let your employees know about the event by creating an event flyer and sharing them with your employees.

Employer branding on social media—effective or not?

Indeed, social media is a perfect way to boost your employer branding. Whether establishing your employer brand authority or directly connecting with your potential employees, social media can help you with everything.

However, it’s important to monitor your social media KPIs to better target professionals with your social efforts. Rest it’s totally up to your social media marketing strategies how you attract the right talent your way.

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