Marketing pros will be the most romantic on Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

The most romantic day of the year is upon us—a day to serenade the loved one in your life with love, laughter, hugs and gifts. Much like Halloween, Valentine’s Day has seen a huge resurgence over the last few years as a major event on the holiday calendar—so much so that Americans are projected to spend an astonishing $30 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, according to recent stats. That’s a big jump from last year.

To find out who’s spending, online marketplace OnBuy.com surveyed 2,784 Americans who are married or in a relationship from a range of office jobs to determine which profession is going to be the most romantic on Valentines.

“Valentine’s Day is [the time] to show the special person in your life how much you truly appreciate them for everything they do,” said Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy.com, in a news release. “Whether that be via words or gifts, the day allows people the opportunity to focus and express their emotions and love in ways they would not normally consider doing so throughout the rest of the year. This research provides great insight into the office professions which are expected to embrace Valentine’s Day the most this year—with some very surprising findings.”

The most romantic professions

The research found that those working in “Marketing and Sales” (78 percent) will mark Valentine’s Day by doing something special for their partner—thus, being crowned the most romantic office profession. Thereafter, 71 percent of Americans employed in “Customer Support” are preparing to enjoy February 14th with the “chosen one” in their life.

Moreover, 65 percent of those in “Media/Communications/Public Relations” roles are going to be indulging their other half with romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day. Just below, 60 percent of workers in “Human Resources” are planning on bringing affectionate joy and surprises to their husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend on Thursday.

Contrastingly, Americans operating in the fields of “Information and Technology” are the least likely to revel in the occasion, with only 37 percent looking to make a big deal of the day. Slightly above, 42 percent of professionals in “finance and accounting” are set to step-away from crunching numbers and focus on spoiling their partner with joyous treats on Valentine’s Day.

Marketing professionals to be the most romantic on Valentine’s Day

How will we celebrate?

Furthermore, from the individuals who said they will be making a fuss over the day, OnBuy sought to establish how they would do just that. Interestingly, 26 percent of American workers have already booked Thursday off from their annual holiday allowance. For those still coming into the office on Valentine’s Day, 52 percent want to send a combination of a card and flowers or chocolates/candy to their other half’s place of work.

To better understand how Valentine’s Day is currently perceived in the workplace, OnBuy asked all the respondents a set of questions to explore this further. From this, it was discovered that 38 percent stated the company they work for will be arranging Valentine’s Day-related activities such as decorating the office environment and/or having a love themed fancy-dress party. Whether they themselves celebrate it or not, 44 percent of office workers are kindly aiming to give some or all their co-worker’s Valentine’s Day cards.

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