Modern comms tips for creating an integrated PR team

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

When you are creating a PR team for your business, you must branch out into the different parts of the PR world. You can create all the best public relations materials for your company, or you should invest in a few people who can do all these things for you. Just keep in mind that you’re trying to market your business in as many diverse ways as you can—and you want to appeal to as many people as possible.

Write strong press releases

You can hire someone to help you write press releases for your business. The people that work for you should create a voice for your company that is easy to recognize, and your PR team can do that. The press releases for your company will go all over the world, but you need to make sure that they are written perfectly.

Create a strong logo

You can use a logo generator to create the best logo for your company. A strong logo makes a big difference for your company. There are a lot of companies with a nice logo, but the logo does not compel the buyer to care about your company. You need to find someone who can make a strong logo for your brand. The logo could be used everywhere that you want, and you should ask your designer to create images that are easy to adjust.

Modern comms tips for creating an integrated PR team

Create ads for radio and TV

You can create ads for radio and TV with help from the people in your office. The ads that you get for your company might match each other. The people that see your TV ads will remember you when they hear the radio ads. Plus, the radio ad will make it much easier for people to remember your website or phone number.

Design an engaging website

You should find someone who can help you design your website. The website should be easy to use, and it should have a nice design that looks appealing. You should ask the designer to add animations and sound to the site. You should ask the designer to update the website to keep up with trends in your industry. You want your website to look like it belongs in your industry, and

Sharpen your merchandising savvy

You must work with someone who can build your web store for you. The web store that your customers visit should be easy to search, and you must use categories that make shopping simpler. You are trying to make your website as simple to use as possible. If your store is merchandised poorly, you will be known as the company that is hard to shop with.

Set a marketing budget

You can set a marketing budget for your company that includes PR. You can make PR part of your marketing budget, but the things that you do should be added to the budget. You are paying for people that will help you. You are paying for the people that can design things for you, and you are paying for services.


There are several ways for you to change the way your company is viewed. You can use the PR team to create something that makes your company better. The best part of this is that you can hire or train different people to do different things—write press releases, design your website, create your logo, etc.—and work with these professionals to make your company easier to work with. You want to look appealing, and you must keep up with trends in your industry. PR professionals can build your company’s image using all the steps listed above.

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.


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