Tangential SEO: 5 strategies to discover unique keywords and improve your ranking

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Marketing, Public Relations

SEO is rapidly evolving, and it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve to maintain a competitive edge. 

Traditional SEO centers on optimizing for high-traffic, direct keywords closely tied to your business. 

However, with the market becoming progressively saturated, setting oneself apart and connecting with a wider audience demands innovative strategies. And tangential SEO emerges as a strategic solution.

Tangential SEO involves exploring beyond the confines of conventional keyword optimization. 

This approach allows you to tap into a broader range of keywords, ultimately enhancing your website’s visibility and appeal.

So, how can tangential SEO help you discover those unique keywords that can significantly improve your ranking? 

Tangential SEO allows you to discover unique keywords beyond the conventional, offering a competitive edge. 

Here are 5 tangential SEO strategies to discover unique keywords and enhance your ranking.

1. Analyze competitors in your niche

Analyzing competitors in your niche provides an opportunity to uncover unique keywords that can significantly impact your tangential SEO strategy. 

By evaluating their content and brand strategies, you gain insights into the language and terms resonating with your shared audience. 

You get to identify the keywords driving their success and, simultaneously, pinpoint potential gaps in your content. 

This strategic examination allows you to discover unexplored niches and refine your keyword selection. 

You can leverage AI-driven analytics tools to streamline and enhance your research efforts. AI tools can provide in-depth data analysis, uncovering patterns and trends that may take time to be apparent through manual examination. 

By integrating AI tools into your strategy, you can gain a competitive edge, ensuring that your tangential SEO efforts are both efficient and effective in navigating the online space.

2. Conduct thematic brainstorming

Engaging in thematic brainstorming serves as a creative catalyst for unearthing unique keywords. Also, it’s a great strategy for generating more Google traffic for your brand.

This process involves exploring broader industry themes and related topics, providing a holistic perspective that transcends conventional keyword boundaries.

Thematic brainstorming can help you:

  • Explore broader themes: Delve into overarching industry themes beyond core keywords.
  • Capture audience interests: Identify topics aligning with audience interests for targeted content.
  • Expand keyword horizon: Uncover diverse keyword opportunities related to overarching themes.

3. User-generated content mining

Delving into different types of user-generated content like comments, reviews, and testimonials allows you to uncover a wealth of authentic insights directly from your audience. 

This tangential SEO strategy goes beyond traditional approaches, tapping into the language patterns and phrases favored by your users.

It can help you:

  • Identify natural language: Extract authentic expressions from user comments and discussions.
  • Spot common phrases: Identify frequently used terms unique to your audience.
  • User-driven keywords: Incorporate these user-driven keywords into your content strategy.

4. Social media listening

Social media listening is a robust tangential SEO strategy. That’s because many people across the world use social media. In fact, there are over 4.74 billion people use social media every day.

Tangential SEO: 5 strategies to discover unique keywords and improve your ranking

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Social media listening allows you to monitor social media platforms to understand discussions and trends within your industry.

Beyond conventional methods, this approach allows you to tap into the organic language and phrases gaining traction among your target audience. 

Leveraging advanced social media analytics tools enhances your ability to delve deeper into audience sentiments and preferences. The good thing is, there are many social media analytics tools available. Want to know the best social media analytics tools? Well, this list of social media analytics tools by Attrock can help you choose a suitable tool. 

Monitoring social media platforms helps you gain:

  • Real-time insights: Gain an immediate understanding of industry discussions and trends.
  • Audience sentiments: Use social media analytics tools to gauge audience sentiments.
  • Identify trending phrases: Uncover keywords gaining traction among your target audience.

5. Leverage semantic SEO

Leveraging semantic SEO involves going beyond literal keyword matching to understand the context and intent behind user queries. 

By incorporating synonyms, related terms, and contextual relevance, you enrich your content for search engines. 

This strategy capitalizes on the evolving sophistication of search algorithms, ensuring that your content aligns with the nuanced language patterns of your audience. If you are involved in ecommerce marketing, can you imagine the enormous boost such insight can give to your efforts?

Semantic SEO not only enhances the user experience by providing more accurate and contextually relevant results but also contributes to improved rankings. 

Final thoughts

Tangential SEO offers a pathway to uncovering unique opportunities in the digital space, driving innovation and heightened visibility. 

Hopefully, the above tangential SEO strategies have provided a roadmap to navigate tangential SEO.

Remember, SEO keeps evolving, and the future of SEO holds exciting possibilities. 

Therefore, use the above tangential SEO strategies and improve your rankings.

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma is the founder and CEO of Attrock, a results-driven digital marketing company. Grew an agency from 5-figure to 7-figure revenue in just two years | 10X leads | 2.8X conversions | 300K organic monthly traffic. He also contributes to top publications like HuffPost, Adweek, Business 2 Community, TechCrunch, and more.