Tips for connecting with Pinterest users

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Public Relations

Pinterest is not just about food and wedding content—it is becoming an extremely popular platform for creative ideas and bits of vital information. A majority of Pinterest users make a purchase after finding a business on Pinterest. The interface of Pinterest is visual which makes it engaging. It is easy to keep everything organized by pinning everything to a board.

After organizing a board, the next thing would be to build a Pinterest community. People who follow the profile of a business on Pinterest are called followers. They are extremely valuable for a business. An effective way to attract followers is to use built-in connection tools available on Pinterest. Given below are ways to nurture relations with followers on Pinterest.

Give value

A community can be built on Pinterest by using group boards. Group boards are like any other boards on Pinterest, the only difference being they have multiple contributors and provide the option of joining a community. It helps people to collaborate with people they know. They also help a business to engage with an untapped audience. Group boards can be used for gist ideas, recipe sharing, and events. For a business that has just started with marketing on Pinterest, it is easier to join a group board rather than start one. If there are no group boards available that are relevant to the niche of the business, it is better to set up one. This would require the investment of a substantial amount of time.


Comments are a great way to start a conversation with others. While leaving comments it should be ensured that something valuable is being added to the conversation, as a pin is the beginning of a conversation. Something useful or interesting should be added to the discussion that comments set off. It could be agreeing with a person’s point of view, or disagreeing respectfully. It could also be telling a person why their board is appealing. There should not be an interruption in a conversation to pitch products and services. Over-promotion should always be avoided.


Other users can also be tagged in comments on Pinterest, if they should be mentioned or a particular pin can be recommended to them. Tagging is an effective way to make recommendations to potential customers about pins and topics that they might find interesting. Potential customers can also be asked questions, and they can also be encouraged to share their experiences with the products of a business.


Hashtags on Pinterest work like keywords. A business can come up with its own hashtag or use ones that are popular on Pinterest, only if they are relevant. Hashtags are useful as they lead to an increase in traffic. Hashtags are used to find relevant Pins. During a search for hashtags on Pinterest, the latest post appears at the top of a page. The target audience can also discover new Pins. As Pinterest displays the most recent post for a hashtag, it is a great opportunity for new content to generate traffic.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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