Goodbye, Jon Stewart!

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Public Relations, Social Media, Traditional Media

On August 6, Jon Stewart signed off on the Daily Show for the last time.

With the rise of the internet age, social media, and the 24 hours news cycle, it’s fair to say that journalism has drastically transformed over the past decade.

In a rush to get stories out faster and to fill in the gaps in the 24 hour news cycle, many feel that editorial standards have weakened. In the wake of this fast news, Jon Stewart—a comedian—became a cultural phenomenon and one of the most influential figures in news.

His sarcasm, quick wit and democratic values made him a hit with boomers and millennials alike. He challenged his audience to seek truth through satire. He feared and spared no one—even the New York Times took a lashing recently for their coverage of a Republican Senator.

As the Daily Show transitions to its new host, Trevor Noah, many newspapers in North America paid homage and thanked Stewart for his service to journalism. It’s fitting many were editorials from some of the most respected news outlets:

Editorial Cartoon

Thank you, Jon Stewart. You made journalism better – The Globe and Mail

We’ll miss Jon Stewart – Kansas City Star

Jon Stewart Signs Off From ‘Daily Show’ With Wit and Sincerity – New York Times


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