6-step guide to writing a successful influencer brief

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

A key part of your influencer marketing campaign is writing a good brief to explain your campaign, and also make sure the influencer is the right person for the job. A great influencer marketing strategy relies on having an influencer whose values are aligned with your brand. Here’s a complete guide on writing a successful influencer brief in just a few easy steps.

1. Have visual aids

People are much better at processing images than words, so it’s important to include some key images in your brief. They can help showcase certain aspects of your brand and can also give the influencer a peek at what it’s like to collaborate with you. You can include either visuals from your website, a similar campaign you’ve run, or more. Don’t overwhelm them with too many pictures, but snapshots here and there go a long way to show your business’ style.

2. Write a value proposition

Value propositions are so important because influencers are constantly bombarded with requests. Be as clear as possible about why the influencer should work with your company and what they’ll get from it. Your wording should be simple and to the point, and don’t shy away from adding headers and bolded font to make key parts stand out.

You may find that you struggle with writing clear content that’s accurate and professional, without spelling mistakes. We strongly encourage you to have a look at these amazing tools to help you with your brief:

3. Give background information

Your brief must include some background information about the brand, and introduce yourself and your values. It’s quite possible the influencer has never heard of your brand, so this is the time to share your mission and goals. Influencers are usually very interested in your values and what your business is about, so don’t shy away from key details.

This is also an appropriate time to give some general information about the products or services that you offer, and which specifically you want them to promote. By giving the influencer all of this information upfront, they’ll be able to see more clearly the bigger picture and where they fit into your marketing objectives.

4. Share campaign details

Once you’ve given background information on your brand and products, you should explain the campaign details. Let them know if you’ll be combining influencer marketing with traditional marketing, what social media platforms you’ll be using, and your objectives. As per Joseph Murphy, a communication manager at Big Assignments and Australian Reviewer, “this is also the time to explain the target audience you’re hoping to reach and the message you want to send. Don’t worry about providing detailed stats and figures as you may lose their interest, but at a minimum you should give the overview of your campaign plan.”

At this point in the brief, let the influencer know what your expectations are towards them and their role. This helps avoid misunderstandings. You’ll want to build a long-term relationship with an influencer, so by setting clear expectations from the start you’ll be laying a foundation of communication and trust.

5. Identify creative content

You also want to share the details of the type of content you want the influencer to produce and what will be prepared for them. This is a good place to put the visuals previously mentioned. Let them know when you’d like posts to be published and including which hashtags and tags. Influencers want some sort of flexibility on creative content, so this is a good place to add your feelings about this aspect.

6. Address deadlines and payment

Finally, you’ll want to include in your brief what are the key deadlines for deliverables so they can plan accordingly. Developing and sharing a clear timeline will be helpful for all parties, especially if you’re working with more than one influencer. You also have to address the rules and regulations they have to follow, including payment method and schedule, how they share content, and more.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to prepare an amazing influencer brief and increase your marketing campaign gains and audience reach. Now it’s time to find the right influencers!

Ellie Coverdale
Ellie Coverdale, a technical and marketing writer at Essay Roo and UK Writings, is involved in marketing and influencer projects nationally. She researches new trends in marketing and social media and writes articles about these topics. You can also find her teaching writing skills at Academized.