An A-to-Z guide for positioning your brand online

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Nowadays, online presence has a major role, if not the key role, in climbing up the business ladder. Whenever they need certain services or products, prospects turn to the Internet as one of the most useful and richest sources of information. Hence, it does not surprise that the question of howto position your small business onlinehas gained so much importance.

Concerning the continuous changes this type of media goes through, it is essential to develop the winning strategy that will help you keep up with all the changes. As a PR professional, you certainly know how important it is to keep up with the latest marketing trends that eventually provide business owners with favorable revenues and results.

A laptop, tablet and a mobile phone which your prospects will use to find your products and services once you position your small business online.

Defining and assessing the target market is the first step

To position your small business online properly, you need to start from the very beginning. In other words, you need to devote your time, energy, and available means to identify with certainty your target audience. Only after completing this task will you know clearly what the next steps should be. Unsurprisingly, bringing this task successfully to its end directly affects the success of the whole process of positioning your small business online.

Start creating relevant high-quality content

If you follow current trends, you must realize how effective and highly important content marketing is. Hence, it is necessary to create your content marketing plan and then get down to orchestrating and performing tasks one by one.

The first step in the process is investing your time and effort to find the appropriate keywords you want to rank for. These will form the base for the content you provide. Bear in mind that prospects always seek professionalism, expertise, experience, high-quality, and authenticity. Organize the content in accordance with these requirements and you can expect your potential clients to engage with the content in no time.

Graph on a computer screen

Prior to creating any type of content, define the keywords you want to be ranked for.

Keep up with and apply SEO practices

SEO is among the key factors that influence your position online. While we cannot deny that it is excessively difficult to stand out among myriads of similar companies, products, and services, we have to emphasize that SEO can help considerably in this aspect. The process of creating an SEO strategy is time-consuming, but it pays off in the long run by all means. Writing keyword-rich content in line with the Google algorithms will help your small business appear among the first search engine results.

Make your website mobile-friendly

One of the parameters that can boost your online presence considerably is making your website mobile-friendly. It does not take much time to realize that people are currently using their mobile phones much more often than their laptops. Hence, adjust your marketing strategy to this fact. PR professionals understand that accessibility and visibility of your website matter immensely. Should you fail in this aspect, you cannot expect to position your small business online in such a way that it provides you with a favorable result and business growth.

A person using a mobile phone.

Make your website mobile-friendly to boost your online presence.

Social media marketing can help you position your small business online

Various social media are powerful means of establishing a solid online presence. Thus, it is an intelligent choice to utilize all the potential these platforms offer. Moreover, due to a considerable number of available platforms of this type, it is important to select a few that seem to meet your needs, interests, and requirements of the target audience. Then, the next step is to master how to engage with your prospects successfully through these channels. Eventually, the higher conversion rate, increased sales, and the expansion of your small business will prove that this is a reasonable method to position your small business online.

Explore all the Google options

Google offers ample opportunities for business growth and promotion to all those who know how to recognize and use them properly. Switching the focus from traditional to online marketing has created an evident need to help your teams adapt to technological change. As a professional PR, you have to be prepared to explore, learn, use innovative methods, and adapt easily to various changes. Here is how Google can help you:

  • Go local and use Google Maps—Establishing your presence on Google Maps is critical if you aim for the local market. You will gain an advantage and finally beat your competitors who operate in the same area but are not visible to the Internet users online. This way, you make your small business easily accessible and much more available to prospects.
A Google map on a smartphone

Google Maps are critical if you aim for the local market.

  • Google My BusinessThis is what you need to focus on during the initial stages of developing your small business. To all those who search for products and services online, your business will be visible as well as all the essential information related to it. You can include your business name, the exact address, working hours, phone numbers, some pictures of your business space and staff, and many more.
  • Google AdWords—This is a pay-per-click service that gives you complete freedom to get creative with your PPC efforts. The ads you use in this channel will appear on the top of diverse search results. In the end, your small business will appear online even before a sound SEO strategy has been developed.

Evaluate, assess, and measure to stay at the top and keep your reputation

To position your business online and keep your credibility, reputation, and trustworthiness, you have to evaluate, assess, and measure the results of the practices you use on a regular basis. Remember that as Google changes its algorithms frequently, SEO principles change too. If you aim to be among the best in your niche and to convince your prospects that your brand or services are what they need, you need to do your best to turn them into satisfied customers and encourage retaining these customers for a long time.

Final thoughts on how to position your small business online

To position your small business online and make it visible and attractive to visitors, you have to create a comprehensive strategy. The opportunities online marketing offers are ample and they are yet to be explored. Follow the latest trends and developments in technology, and continuously improve your knowledge and skills. This is the only approach that cannot fail or lack in results.

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