App culture: Consumers’ perspectives on branded mobile notifications

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

According to recent research, many consumers have stated that one of the biggest reasons why they don’t want to receive notifications from brands on their smartphones is because they happen too often, and because the notifications themselves are irrelevant. Over half of all consumers have decided to turn off any brand communications through notifications on their smartphones because the messages they received were too frequent, or since the information that was delivered to them wasn’t relevant to their needs or their interests.

Yet since the pandemic began, more people than ever have started spending a large amount of time on their smartphones. They spent all that time looking to be entertained, to shop, to perform daily tasks, or to connect with friends and family while stuck in their homes. Branded apps have become one of the best ways that consumers can interact with companies, increase the time they spend making transactions, and receive a streamlined experience from companies that expands from the physical into the digital world.

With the help of branded apps, companies get the advantage of reaching consumers wherever they are, and at the precise time that matters most in their customer journey, because with branded apps, notifications are delivered in a very visible real estate: the lock screens on consumers’ smartphones.

Immediate value

One of the biggest reasons why consumers have decided to agree to receive notifications on their smartphones from the branded apps is generally because they’ve been guaranteed to receive immediate discounts in some cases or loyalty reward points in others. That means companies should be meeting the needs of their consumers by providing them with immediate value once they have signed up to use a branded app and agreed to receive notifications from it.

Order receipts and shipping options

According to research, the second biggest reason why consumers have agreed to receive notifications from brands directly to their smartphones is to get alerts on their order confirmations, as well as be notified of the shipping status of their orders. That means not only should companies offer something that’s immediately valuable to their consumers when they join an app, but those apps should have an additional feature that allows users to track their orders and their shipments. This feature will help get more people to agree and receive notifications.

Early sales and discount access

Lastly, according to the same research, customers are more than happy to get early access to any sales that the companies they follow are going to have soon. That can mean getting access to the sales or discounts a few hours, or a couple of days before other consumers can access them. If companies let their consumers know that they’ll get early access to discounts and sales if the buyers agree to get notifications on their smartphones, the consumers are going to be a lot more likely to agree.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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