How mobile marketing help brands make connections for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

Valentine’s Day marks an occasion to show love and devotion to that certain someone in your life, as well as a day for mobile marketers to think about ways to tap into one of the biggest shopping holidays. In 2019, Valentine’s Day shoppers set new spending records, adding $20.7 billion to the economy. This Valentine’s Day, CleverTap is offering tips for mobile marketers to consider as they drive to make thoughtful connections with customers.

“More than half of smartphone owners use their device to purchase gifts, and more than a third use them to research products and prices and redeem coupons,” said Sunil Thomas, co-founder and CEO of CleverTap, in a news release. “Today’s marketer needs to think about how to creatively engage their customers during key buying seasons like Valentine’s Day in ways that will bring long term growth, increased sales and forge bonds that keep their mobile customers coming back.”

No longer a holiday just for romance, consumers are spending money on friends, family members, children, and pets on Valentine’s Day. As the flurry of Valentine’s Day shopping commences, mobile marketers are gearing up to use the opportunity to reach out to customers in meaningful ways leveraging today’s suite of mobile-first customer engagement solutions.

Supporting over 8,000 consumer brand apps around the world, CleverTap offers proven tips for mobile marketers to engage their customers this Valentine’s Day season:

Building a personal connection with AI and predictive analytics is the key to a lasting relationship

With the advent of AI/ML-based technologies, modern marketers can provide an exceptional customer experience for Valentine’s Day by delivering relevant and contextual user experiences. Mobile apps with millions of monthly active users can leverage emerging technologies like AI and ML to deliver personalization at scale—from dynamically altering a website interface and delivering predictive gift recommendations, to optimizing Valentine’s promo pricing in real-time and delivering customized video content.

Omnichannel marketing makes the heart grow fonder

Customers carry several digital gadgets throughout the day, shifting from device to device as needed, and over half of consumers are making buying decisions based on social media influence. Today’s technology-driven culture has driven customers to expect an omnichannel experience from the brands they interact with. The key to delighting customers this Valentine’s Day is through an effective marketing plan leveraging the latest omnichannel tools to personalize content and provide a consistent experience across channels.

Getting “phygital” drives engagement

For every dollar spent over the counter, $0.56 is now influenced by a digital interaction and 65 percent of customers perform online research before setting foot inside a retail shop. While love is in the air the next few weeks, brands integrating a healthy combination of physical and digital marketing efforts to engage with customers both in-store and online will help yield stronger connections and increased revenue.

Valentine’s Day sales, coupons, deals, and more

Everyone loves a good sale, and Valentine’s Day is the ideal holiday to deploy eye-catching deals to drive conversions. A few best practices for maximizing success—make it limited, offer a free gift with purchase, offer free shipping, and reward loyalty, encourage repeat purchases by providing a perk for becoming a member or signing up. Moreover, savvy mobile marketers leveraging the latest mobile marketing technology can deliver predictive promos, pricing, and incentives using advanced analytics.

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