Solid strategies for extending the online reach of your blog

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Creating some great content is the first step in making your blog successful. But having the most interesting blog posts in the world doesn’t mean a thing if they do not reach the right customers. Increasing the loading speed is just one of the things you can do.

However, there are many other ways to extend the online reach of your blog and today we are going to see which of them are the best. Bear in mind that each industry is different, so not every customer can be approached the same way. You will have to make your own combination and experiment.

Create better content

This sounds so simple, but people often forget it in their pursuit of traffic numbers. As we have already mentioned, quality content is not enough in itself, but it is essential. Good content will give clients what they need and will answer their questions. Only then will they link to it and share it. That is one of the ways to extend the online reach of your blog.

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Good content is essential when trying to extend the online reach of your blog

Content needs to be either funny or informative. Of course, checking both boxes is the best thing you can do, but that depends a lot on the subject that you choose.

Headlines are also important here. Remember, your blog post will not get the attention it deserves if it is hidden behind a boring headline. This is similar to some traditional marketing tactics that are still effective today. Just like you need a good slogan for your billboard, you need the headline that is a thumb-stopper for your blog. Try posting the same blog with various headlines on your website to test which style of the headline you should go for.

SEO and keywords can tremendously extend the online reach of your blog

Like it or not, SEO and keywords are here to stay. So, why not take advantage of such a state? Search engine optimization can do miracles when done properly. When we talked about the quality of the content, we mentioned that we should satisfy your reader’s requests. Now, by creating content that is optimized, you are answering to Google’s requests. If you manage to do it the right way, search engines will award you by ranking your blog post above others with similar content.

A lot of bloggers make mistakes when including keywords and other elements of optimization. They either don’t include as many elements as they should or they over-optimize their blogs. When a search engine recognizes any of the two situations, it simply punishes the blog-maker by ranking them lower.

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If you are still wondering how SEO and keywords can extend the online reach of your blog, the answer is quite simple. When your blog is ranked higher that means that Google (or any other search engine) will offer it to more readers. Just like that!

Don’t forget to link your blog post to others you have previously written. That way you will increase your own traffic.

Distribute your blogs via email

No, email marketing is not out-of-date just yet. There is so much more that marketers can explore here. You just have to do it right in order to reap the fruits of your labor. If you haven’t already established an email relationship with your clients, it’s about time to start doing so.

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Emailing is not dead

There are many directions you can choose for your email campaign. Just make sure that you have a clear plan to act on. Here are some useful pieces of advice to consider when making an e-mail campaign:

  • Create a mailing list consisting only of contacts that you need! This is very important—why waste your time and energy on people who are not your targeted group? This way, the open rate, and click-through rate will be significantly higher.
  • Always send emails that have a certain value for your subscribers. Don’t waste their time either. Remember, when they are satisfied, they will give recommendations, share your content and extend the online reach of your blog!
  • Send your emails on a regular basis—once a week, or let’s say 2 times a week—the choice is all yours. Just don’t overdo it. People will not appreciate you as much if you bomb their inboxes with your content every day. They might even unsubscribe.
  • Make sure that your emails have a call-to-action part within or along with blog posts that you are sending.

Go social

When choosing a social network to focus on, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. However, too many baskets are also not good for you. Research has shown that having too many sharing buttons for your blog post will more often leave you empty-handed. Two to four buttons will do just fine! But, which ones should you choose? Don’t opt for a network according to your preferences. Remember,you are not your target group. Ask yourself: Where do they like to hang out?And, there is your answer!

The product you are selling or the service that you are offering can be indicative of a social network you should opt for. For instance, if you sell some baby blankets, the visual is something that matters here. So, you should bet on Instagram. On the other hand, if you are selling some more practical products, like car parts or some cleaning supplies, the experiences of previous users will matter more than the aesthetics of your product.

A man looking at his laptop, the icons representing social networks and other platforms surrounding him

Decide which social networks you should focus on

When you go social, be social

Don’t expect to get attention on social networks if you are not ready to give it. Find the pages that your customers like, explore, like, share and be prepared that they will do the same. It is similar to motivating people to review your business.

Guest posting is a great way to extend the online reach of your blog

Linking to other posts from your blog is good for SEO, but don’t forget to add some external links too. That is how search engines see that you are not a spammer and they reward you with a higher ranking. One more benefit of linking to other people’s blogs is building better relationships with them. As a result, they will be more welcoming to your blog posts.

Being a guest blogger on some other website will increase your audience and that is what we are looking for, right?

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