Why omnichannel PR is so important—3 reasons to work it into your strategy

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

It’s not a secret that when businesses keep their customers happy, they stay customers. When they are unhappy, they leave. Exceptional customer satisfaction is crucial for business growth and for maintaining brand image. Research done by American Express found that eight out of ten customers have left a company due to poor customer experience.

Unlike in the past, when customers communicated only through a single method, now there are numerous ways customers can communicate with companies. That’s thanks to technology. Customers can choose the best way to share with a business. They can make contact through social media like Facebook, use online chat or email, use digital PR channels, call customer call centers, and much more.

Let’s first learn the meaning of omnichannel.

What Is omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a marketing solution where a business integrates all communication channels like text, chat, call, in-person kiosks, email, mobile apps, social media all into one contact solution. The combination of all these multiple channels enhances customer interactions by providing a seamless experience.

The difference between omnichannel and multichannel

Multi means “many” while omni means “all.” Multichannel is similar to omnichannel, where customers use multiple channels like call, text, chat, web, call back, and social media to communicate with a business. The difference between omnichannel and multichannel is that multichannel customers use different individual communication channels, while omnichannel channels are integrated as one.

Customers use their preferred channel in omnichannel, but they are all connected as one and available simultaneously. The connection is beneficial to both business and customers. Omnichannel bridges any communication gap that may exist in multichannel.

Why is omnichannel public relations so important?

Now that we’ve discussed what omnichannel is and the difference between it and the multichannel approach, Let’s explore why omnichannel is essential to public relations.

1. Delivers exceptional customer experience

When a company is doing Public Relations, its main target is the customers who consume their products or services. Customers enjoy interacting with their brands’ businesses, and having an omnichannel for public relations is very important for reaching this goal. Through an omnichannel customers can interact effectively with businesses, get their needs met, and have their questions answered.

When companies are using different PR strategies, they can get under the main channels to reach your customers. Customers expect customized engagement that is seamless across all channels. According to research from Zendesk, 75 percent of customers went back to a company with excellent customer care.

2. Improves brand image

Public relations are all about improving brand image. When a customer is dissatisfied with a product or service, they need a proper channel to reach out to in order to express their dissatisfaction. With an omnichannel form of communication, it becomes easier for companies to solve the problem. Having happy and satisfied customers will increase a company’s brand awareness and attract new customers to it who need a brand they can trust.

3. Increases customer retention

Alexei Orlov of MTM notes, “It’s vital for any business to be present to their customers and to provide consistent support. Companies that put in extra effort to engage with their customers will avoid miscommunications and increase customer retention.”

A business that has invested in omnichannel as a public relations strategy has typically increased customer retention by 89 percent. Omnichannel is a communication strategy that empowers customers to connect with a brand by using their preferred channel. It reduces problems that may arise from user experiences because customers will have a company guide and access first-hand information about a given business.


Omnichannel puts together what a customer needs and experiences across all channels. The customer can choose which channel to use while resting assured that they will get the same experience across all channels. Omnichannel public relations is essential for effective and customized PR communication.

Ronn Torossian
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