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Social media marketing concept. Vector of a young businessman attracting likes with a huge magnet

Top customer engagement priorities for 2019—new report IDs top 3 strategies

Today’s consumers are realizing that both online and in-store shopping offer key advantages and drawbacks, and they want to shop wherever and...

ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 posts from December

We closed out the year in fine style at Bulldog Reporter, recording one of our best months in 2018 with some engaging research-based reporting and compelling contributor-based op-eds, covering a wide range of content topics and sources. From social media video and...

3 practical ways to improve your brand awareness

Brand awareness is what allows the general public to know more about your business, its ideas, and mission. Marketing lies at the root of any brand awareness campaign or initiative, and there are a few specific approaches you can take to improve this endeavor. In...

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